Enforcement Deputy™

A New Era in Traffic Law Enforcement

As you are driving, you will likely see a serious driving violation every few minutes — aggressive tailgating, dangerous lane changing, ignoring traffic lights or signs, not yielding right-of-way to pedestrians or other vehicles, and so on. These violations rarely get caught. Police do not have the tools to enforce them.

The system which requires police to stop a dangerous driver and write a citation, simply does not work. It is often dangerous or impossible to pursue a violator. When it is possible, the traffic stop itself poses risks and may further clog already congested roads. Importantly, traffic stops always take too much time. When officers spend two-thirds of their time writing tickets, they have little time left to catch dangerous drivers.

Enforcement Deputy™ eliminates the need for most traffic stops. Our game-changing, mobile video technology records all those serious violations that you see when you are driving together with images of the offending vehicles’ license plates.

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